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Who Can Join?

All SJSU students, regardless of major, are welcome to join the student chapter.

Membership Benefits

1. Interact with peers: Connect with fellow peers who share a passion for aerospace

2. Maintain academic excellence: We provide many academic resources and support, such as tutoring, in order to help you excel in your studies.

3. Develop networking skills: Learn how to create effective resumes, cover letters, as well as building connections with industry professionals. 

4. Enhance your professional profiles: Gain experiences and opportunities that will set you up for success in the industry.

Apply Today!

AIAA SJSU Membership
AIAA National Membership

Membership Cost:

  • $30 per academic year

  • If your are a AIAA national  member, the SJSU membership is discounted to $20

How to join:

  1. Pay the fee to @YG1696 via Venmo

  2. Fill out the form (Sign in with your SJSU email):

Membership Cost:

  • $30 per academic year


  • AIAA conferences

  • Scholarships

  • Discounts on publications

  • Daily newsletter


How to join:

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