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Who Can Join?

SJSU's AIAA Student Chapter provides a community for our students to interact with and maintain academic excellence, develop networking skills, and improve their professional profiles to enable an elevated transition into the industry. AIAA membership is open to all SJSU students regardless of major

If you are interested in joining, you can fill out the attached form below, email us at, or come to one of our regular meetings. You can also be added to our mailer list for future updates sent straight to your inbox by simply emailing us at the email referenced earlier in this section!

Check out the events calendar for meeting times and places. It costs $0 to attend the meetings and participate in some of our on-campus activities. However, there is a $30 fee per academic year for membership in AIAA SJSU, and if you are a national AIAA member then our academic year membership is discounted to $20. The fee covers off-campus tours that members may attend, and it also allows members to access all the delicious snacks in the clubroom!


In order to attend the national conferences and be eligible for exclusive scholarships, you must also be a national member. The dues for the national membership are just $25 per year for students, and interested members for the national branch memberships can apply online.

Membership Benefits


Networking Support

Sometimes it's hard to network around and find internships to apply to. Don't worry, we have got you covered! 


At AIAA, you can meet with aerospace professionals at regular meetings and tours and make connections with other students and professional members to strengthen your employability.


In addition, you can find links to internships and jobs across the nation or near you by clicking below.

Apply Today!

Joining is easy, please use the button below to join. Membership is for the academic year is $30, but if you are a National AIAA member then our academic year membership is discounted to $20. After joining, please come to our clubroom located in ENGR 164 to pay for your membership, cash only.

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