Project ARES Drone

With the help of faculty, alumni, companies, and members of AIAA SJSU, we've developed a drone in hopes to expand our experimental explorations on Mars to help the Leonidas Program. The Leonidas Program is years of experience that our members have brought together to someday launch deep space probes to Mars. Because our project is the basis for experiments in our university's developed exploration in Mars, we will be able to test our drone with Leonidas on an active volcano. This opportunity has allowed many of our members to become exposed to and gain knowledge of various aspects of the aerospace systems engineering process, with teamwork and communication playing a big role.

Check out our video for more information!

How Can I Help?

With a big project like this, the materials and resources that require funds that may not be readily accessible to our members. Certain parts and functions need hardware and components for our testing to run smoothly and properly, especially during extreme conditions of a volcano.



Through crowdfunding, we will be able to raise money towards our drone project as well as bring awareness to it! Each tier helps build a different component of our drone to provide a properly functioning piece. Below is the link on where you can donate to our project and learn more about the drone itself.


We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this project in order to achieve our goal of completing a successful mission! We hope to continue to give our community more opportunities like this and educate our members on the field of engineering.